Business Administrator/Board Secretary's Office

Business Administrator: Timothy E. Kelley

Assistant Business Administrator: Patricia Swanson
609-399-4161 | Email

Personnel Services Manager: Kelly Donato
609-399-1290 Ext. 2261 | Email

Accounts Payable: Michele Rundgren
609-399-1290 Ext, 2256 | Email

Secretary to the Business Administrator: Linda Persia 
609-399-4161 | Email


The Business Administrator/Board Secretary's Office provides support to the district and instructional staff so that they can focus on our true purpose - the education of our children.  The Business Administrator/Board Secretary's Office is the administrative level office charged with the administration or supervision of the following functions:

  • Budget Development
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing/Bidding
  • Food Services
  • School Facilities
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Technology
  • Custodian of Public Records (OPRA)
  • Board Secretary

Information related to many of these functions can be found below.