Online Safety Tips

Wired Safety
Excellent internet safety source for parents, kids, teens and adults, with links to Teen Angels, Wired Kids, Cyber Law Enforcement, Stop Cyber Bullying and Internet Super Heroes.  

Net Smartz
Internet safety for kids, teens, parents and educators. Includes videos, songs, games and lessons. 

Common Sense Media
Reviews of a variety of web sites and other types of popular media.  

Safe Teens
Internet safety for teens / good information source for parents of wired teens.  

Kids Health
Internet overview for parents.   

Walking & Biking to School 
Walking and biking to school. Includes basic safety tips.

Bike Riding 
Includes how to choose a bike, injury prevention and safety tips.

School Bus Safety 
Includes tips for getting on the bus, behavior on the bus and seat belt safety.

Stranger Tips 
Includes creating a buddy system, Yell & Tell,  & When Playing Outside.

End of School Day Dismissal Policy