NJDOE Podcast - Healing Connections: Trauma, the Brain, and Education

OCEAN CITY, NJ (November 15, 2019) - OCSD administration and staff were featured on a recent podcast released from DOE Digest called "Healing Connections: Trauma, the Brain, and Education."
The OCSD members involved were:
Stepfanie Grisinger - OCIS Social Worker/Student Assistance Coordinator
Matt Carey - Student Services Director OCSD Administration
Tifaya Noble - OCHS Social Worker OCHS
Jill Berenato - OCHS Student Assistance Coordinator
Click here to listen! Also, the podcast is available on Spotify. 
Click here for the podcast transcript.
About DOE Digest: 
In DOE Digest, host Ken Bond and guests discuss educating New Jersey's 1.4 million students. DOE Digest is based on the simple premise that, as educators, the greatest resource we have is each other. It is a platform for information exchange that highlights the work being done by innovative and transformative educators around the state.